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  • The bug that prevented the app from receiving beacons on iOS15 has been resolved.


Table of Contents

  1. How it works
  2. How to check your data
  3. Troubleshooting


How it works

  1. The application (your smartphone) receives signals from “beacons” installed in lecture rooms, etc.
  2. The application sends the parameters set in the “beacons” to the “Student Information Service”
  3. The app receives the information from the “Student Information Service” and displays the following
    1. Room name
    2. Class name that is open at the time (refer to the time on the server)
    3. Registration mark (if there is a class that the app user has registered for in the received class data)

  4. The app user checks the information received in “3” and taps the “Check In” button associated with the lecture room they wish to attend
  5. The app processes the data according to the time you tapped (refer to the server time) and returns the following message
    1. (Attendance) Checked-In
    2. (behind time) You are late.
    3. (invalid) Checked-In as Out of Time
    4. (invalid) Checked-In as Out of Class
    5. (Leaving the room) Checked-Out

  6. Supplement to “5” above
    1. For example, if a change in the lecture room is not reflected in the system, and you “Check In” in the changed lecture room at the correct time and receive the message “Checked-In as Out of Class”, the imprint time is still recorded on the server.
    2. Therefore, when a new lecture room is registered in the “Student Information Service”, the data will be automatically changed to “Attendance”.
      (The same applies to plastic card.)


How to check your data

  1. Log in to the “Student Information Service”.
  2. For students
    1. Go to Course grades (Large button)
    2. Go to Stamp info (small button)
      Normally, the data will be reflected in about 1 to 2 minutes.

  3. For faculty and staff
    1. Go to Stamp info (small button)
      Normally, the data will be reflected in about 1 to 2 minutes.

  4. Data recorded by the application will be displayed as “Beacon” with “Reader ID”.

    (The second line is the plastic card data.)



  1. The application does not show the lecture room.
    1. As of October 1, 2021, “Beacon” emits a radio wave every second. If you press the “Attendance” button when there is no signal, it will not display the lecture room.
      1. Please press the “reload” button several times.
    2. “Beacon” radio waves are received using Bluetooth in smartphones.
      1. Please check if Bluetooth is enabled (Bluetooth is enabled in the following figure (*Android 11).
    3. The application communicates over the Internet with the “Student Information Service” to receive information linked to the “beacon”.
      1. Make sure that the smartphone on which the application is installed has an Internet connection.
    4. Check to see if beacons have already been installed in lecture rooms.
      1. List of beacon locations
  2. The display of the lecture room is grayed out and the “Check In” button cannot be tapped.
    1. To prevent fraud, “Check In” will be disabled after a certain period of time has passed since the “beacon” was detected.
    2. Please try clicking the “reload” button.
If the above does not solve your problem
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