卒業要件に含めることができる「遠隔授業」の単位数(令和5年度以降) The number of credits earned by “Remote classes” that can be included toward the graduation requirements (Since AY 2023)


大学設置基準及び本学学則に基づき,学類の卒業要件に含めることができる「遠隔授業」の単位数の上限は 60 単位です。


60 単位上限の適用となる「遠隔授業」は以下のとおりです。

 令和 2 ・3 ・4 年度に実施した遠隔授業は,新型コロナウイルス感染症の特例措置として全て60単位上限の適用外となります。


The number of credits earned by “Remote classes” that can be included toward the graduation requirements (Since AY 2023)

 Since AY 2023, classes will be held mainly in face-to-face.
 When it is determined that online instruction is superior to face-to-face instruction in terms of educational effectiveness, hybrid classes combining face-to-face and remote learning, or fully remote classes may be adopted by certain courses.

 In accordance with the Standards for Establishment of Universities and University Rules for Kanazawa University, the maximum number of credits that can be included toward graduation requirements for “Remote classes” is 60⋆ credits.

⋆ It may depend on each school, so please check with each affiliation for details. Please also note that credits earned at other universities through the Credit Transfer System or the Credit Approval System for credits acquired before entry to the University are also included in the above limit if classes are offered remotely.

The following “Remote classes” will be included in the 60-credit limit.
・Face-to-face classes < Remote classes
 (e.g., 5 or more remote classes out of 8, including regular examinations)
・Remote only

 Remote classes conducted in AY 2020, 2021 and 2022 are not subject to the 60-credit limit due to special measures for preventing the spread of the Novel Coronavirus Infection.
 In addition, remote classes offered by the Joint Institute of Teacher Education of the School of Teacher Education are not subject to the 60-credit limit.